Our Services

Judiciary Services

Judiciary Professionals seeking on-demand, virtual, Telehealth, or local on-site consultations for your family law and civil law client’s specific Behavioral Health needs.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor (LA/TX) and Certified Child Custody Evaluator, Heather serves as an unbiased third-party professional with experience diagnosing mental disorders to aid in determining the best interest of a child in regard to custody and/or visitation schedules and Reunification Therapy. 

Heather is licensed to provide Behavioral Health psychological assessments for diagnosing purposes and surgical clearance. Her Behavioral Health consultations provide an unbiased third-party professional response to the long-term lasting effects that your client may experience as a result of his or her civil incident.


These services are often court ordered but may be sought privately as well.  


Family Dispute

Collaborative Divorce Services

All Hands In
Organization Consulting and Compliance 

Judicial Professionals and individuals seeking on-demand, virtual, Telehealth, or local on-site consultations for your Collaborative Divorce Team. 

As a Collaborative Divorce Behavioral Health Facilitator, Heather guides the Collaborative Divorce team in assessing whether couples who have struggled with intimate partner violence, coercive control, or substance abuse behaviors will be able to take part in the collaborative process. Evaluations may be completed to determine the problematic behaviors and make suggestions on how to address behaviors that may interfere with a fair and durable settlement.

In addition, Heather may work separately with both parties to develop a “shared narrative” for how and when their children will be informed about the separation and divorce. She will then create a comprehensive Parenting Plan establishing parameters regarding

a healthy co-parenting relationship going forward that recognizes a positive vision of the future which requires moving past all of the hurt, fear, and angry feelings that resulted from the divorce process.

Individual Services

Individuals seeking on-demand, virtual, Telehealth, or local on-site consultations for your specific Behavioral Health needs for your family law and civil law litigations. 

PBH Behavioral Consulting and Counseling LLC will use Telehealth services to collaborate with individuals seeking services for but not limited to: 

  • Behavioral Health Psychological Assessments 

  • Behavioral Health Diagnosing  

  • Pre-surgical Clearance 

  • Certified Child Custody Evaluations