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No one should have to walk alone.  

Every case has an
individual story. 

Are you involved in a high conflict custody

Are you looking for assistance with your 
litigation including a Personal
Injury/Negligence case to confirm or dispute
and recovery regarding pain, suffering,
emotional distress?

 We are here to provide Independent Mental Health 
Consultations for your legal litigations!

PBH Behavioral Consulting and Counseling LLC:
the licensed mental health professional who is

advanced trained in the topics relating to your
Family Law, Civil Law, and Personal
Injury/Negligence case.

Licensed Mental Health Professional services for Louisiana, Texas, and Washington residents who

meets ACT 614—HB 272 requirements!

-Prompt, Secure, Online, Telehealth Appointments with limited On-site availability

-Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor (LA) offering Telehealth Individual and Group Supervision for Provisional Licensed Professional Counselors

-Providing Independent Mental Health Legal Consultations 

-Qualified Custody/Parent Plan Evaluator, Mediator, Parent Coordinator, & Reunification Therapist 

-Also assisting litigations to include but not limited to:

  • Pre-surrendering Counseling/Home Study for private adoptions

  • Spinal Cord Stimulator/Bariatric Psychology Evaluations

  • Collaborative Divorce Behavioral Health Facilitator 

  • Depositions/Expert Witness documentation to confirm or dispute claims & recovery

  • Brief Focused Risk Assessments including DSM mental health disorder diagnosing

Licensed Professional Counselor (LA/TX/WA)  

Qualified and Advanced Trained as a:
1. Child Custody Evaluator
2. Parent Plan Evaluator
3. Mediator, RS9:334  

4. Parent Coordinator, RS9:358.4, including concerns related to
 Coordination, Parallel Parenting, and Parent Alienation 
5. Reunification Therapist 
6. Collaborative Divorce Behavioral Health Facilitator 

7. Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor (LA, LPC-S)

Heather is a licensed mental health professional who is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor in good standing licensed by the Louisiana LPC Board of Examiners (LPC-S), the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors (LPC) and the Washington State Department of Health (LMHC). She is advanced trained to serve as a Qualified Child Custody Evaluator, Parent Plan Evaluator, Mediator, and Parent Coordinator instructed by the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts and the Mediation Training Company.


Heather specializes in collaborating with Judiciary Professionals and individuals involved in Family Law, Civil Law, and Personal Injury/Negligence litigations by providing requested judicial items including Independent Mental Health Consultations assisting Plaintiffs and Defendents by confirming or disputing claims and recovery. 

She actively serves on the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, Louisiana Chapter, Board of Directors where she fulfills the role of presiding Secretary. 

Her expertise varies throughout life's stages including adolescence, early adulthood, midlife, mature, and late adulthood. She is passionate about identifying the best interest of the child. In addition, she has obtained extensive advanced training in Reunification Therapy.


Her wide array of experiences allows her to reveal in her behavioral health consultations the possible lasting negative psychological effects caused by the incident experienced by the client.


She is also able to conduct mental health peer reviews in reference to client's history to establish client's baseline vs the merit of the claim. 

Through the use of virtual, on demand, Telehealth services for Louisiana, Texas, and Washington residents, Heather is able to provide advanced care and long-distance consultations completely online with immediate availability and swift completion of requests. Limited local on-site services are provided to Louisiana residents in our Lafayette, LA office.


Heather is also providing Telehealth Individual and Group Supervision to PLPCs in Louisiana.  

A picture of Heather T. Landry, LPC. She is the owner of this business. She is smiling and is wearing black, plastic-framed glasses.

What types of advanced trainings has Heather Landry, LPC-S completed to better address my concerns?

Qualified Child Custody Evaluator 

  • Meets Louisiana Licensed Professional Board of Examiners: LPC Guidelines for Conducting Child Custody Evaluations

  • An assessment is completed to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the family dynamics and identifying each parenting style

  • Build suggestions and recommendations as to a custody arrangement that will serve the best interest of the child(ren)

  • Guide individuals to gain knowledge about oneself to improve co-parenting practices for the overall psychological health of the child(ren)

  • Often consists of at least one session for each parent, two or more sessions for each child, and at least one integrated session with each parent/child(ren)

  • Includes Custody Evaluation Observational Report submitted to the court

  • Brief Focused Assessments may be utilized 

Qualified Parent Plan Evaluator 

  • Similar to Custody Evaluation procedures

Qualified Mediator 

Mediators assist and empower parties to reach an agreement on issues, such as:

  • support payments

  • dividing property

  • parenting time or decision-making responsibility in respect of children


Mediation may be used:

  • to avoid going to court

  • before you start a court case

  • any time during a court case


Mediators do not:

  • take sides

  • make decisions

  • give legal advice


Mediators can be:

  • licensed mental health professionals, legal professionals, or other qualified professionals 


For mediation to work, you need to:

  • be willing to try to work out a solution with the other person

  • feel safe meeting with the other person to talk about the issues

  • be able to talk about your needs and listen to the other person’s concerns

A mediator does not take the place of a lawyer.

You should get independent legal advice before and throughout the mediation process to understand your rights and obligations.

If you and the other person come to an agreement, you should both get advice from different lawyers before signing the agreement to make sure that it is legally binding.

Your lawyer can also be involved in your mediation but does not have to go to mediation with you.


Reunification Therapy

  • Often referred to as "reconciliation"

  • Aims to reunite or reestablish a relationship between a parent and a child

  • Promote healthy communication between all parties

  • Works to heal injuries in the relationship

  • Improves relationships within the family or treat alienation

  • Often consists of at least one session for each parent, two or more sessions for each child, and at least two integrated sessions for the parent/child(ren) seeking reunification

  • Includes a Reunification Observational Report submitted to the court

  • Services also provided to adult children and their family members

Qualified Parent Coordinator

  • Co-Parenting Coordination 

  • Parallel Parenting

  • Parent Alienation 

  • A Parenting Coordinator is responsible for assisting the parents in resolving disputes concerning the child’s welfare.

  • Disputes may include minor changes or clarifications in the custody plan and management of the child’s medical and dental care.

  • A Parenting Coordinator is also charged with assisting the parents in settling disputes involving mental health issues, psychotherapy and general child-rearing issues.

  • Parenting Coordinators are expressly prohibited from facilitating an agreement between the parties to alter legal custody or affect child support.

  • View our More Tab to compare Parenting Coordination vs Co-parenting Counseling. 

Pre-surrendering Counseling and Home Study for private adoptions


Therapeutic Supervised Visitation (TSV) offered locally to Lafayette, LA residents. 

  • Court-ordered service that allows parenting to have parenting time with their child(ren) in a structured environment supervised by a mental health professional.

  • Often ordered in divorce, separation, or parenting cases that are high-conflict in nature, where abuse has been present, and/or a parent/guardian has a history of poor parenting skills.

  • Families when there is a history of parental alienation may be suitable for TSV.

Risk Assessments

  • Spinal Cord Stimulator Evaluations

  • Bariatric Surgery Evaluations

  • Opioid Evaluations

  • Biopsychosocial for diagnosing using the DSM


  • Telehealth

  • Individual and Group Supervision

  • Louisiana PLPCs

Collaborative Divorce

  • Aids both parties in resolving their differences fairly and equitably without resort or threat of resort to the courts

  • Utilizes teamwork, trouble-shooting, and problem-solving rather than fighting

  • Supports both parties with the emotional aspects of negotiations

  • Assist parents with child related concerns that may arise throughout the process such as custody and visitation

Behavioral Health Consultations for Civil Litigations including Personal Injury Plaintiffs' and Defendents' cases

  • Behavioral Health Psychological Assessments identifying the client’s baseline, strengths, weaknesses to confirm or dispute claims and recovery relating to pain, suffering, and emotional distress

  • Behavioral Health Depositions

  • Expert Witness Peer Reviews

  • Psychiatric Evaluations and non-projective scales used to identify the presence of a Behavioral Health Diagnosis

  • Behavioral Health supporting evidence specific to the client's litigation

  • Includes Observational Report submitted to the court

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Unbiased and Neutral Behavioral Health Services for Your Family Law, Civil Law, and Personal Injury/Negligence Cases. 

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