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Licensed Professional Counselor (LA/TX) specializing in
Certified Child Custody Evaluations, Reunification Therapy, and Collaborative Divorce BH Facilitation

Licensed Behavioral Health services for Louisiana and Texas Residents providing:

-Prompt, Secure, Online, Telehealth Appointments 


-Behavioral Health consultations for Judiciary Professionals and individuals regarding family law and civil law litigation consent judgement requests

-Local on-site appointments when available


Heather is a Licensed Professional Counselor in good standing licensed by the Louisiana LPC Board of Examiners and the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors. She is also a Certified Child Custody Evaluator, trained by Association of Family and Conciliation Courts. Heather specializes in collaborating with Judiciary Professionals and individuals involved in family law and civil law litigations to fulfill consent judgment requests. 

Her expertise varies throughout life's stages including adolescence, early adulthood, midlife, mature, and late adulthood. She is passionate about identifying the best interest of the child in her Certified Child Custody Evaluations and Collaborative Divorce cases. She has obtained extensive training in Reunification Therapy as well. In her civil law Behavioral Health consultations, she strives to acknowledge the possible lasting negative psychological effects caused.

Through the use of virtual, on demand, Telehealth services, Heather is able to provide care and long-distance consultations completely online. Limited local on-site services are provided to Louisiana and Texas residents. 


What We Specialize In?

Child Custody Evaluations

  • assessment completed to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the family dynamics and identifying each parenting style involved

  • build suggestions and recommendations as to a custody arrangement that will serve the best interest of the child(ren)

  • guide individuals to gain knowledge about oneself to improve co-parenting practices for the overall psychological health of the child(ren)

  • often consists of at least one session for each parent, two or more sessions for each child, and at least one integrated session with each parent/child(ren)

Reunification Therapy

  • aim to reunite or reestablish a relationship between a parent and a child

  • promote healthy communication between all parties

  • works to heal injuries in the relationship

  • improve relationships within the family or treat alienation

  • often consists of at least one session for each parent, two or more sessions for each child, and at least two integrated sessions for the parent/child(ren) seeking reunification 

  • Therapeutic Supervised Visitation offered locally to Lafayette, LA residents. 

Collaborative Divorce

  • aid both parties in resolving their differences fairly and equitably without resort or threat of resort to the courts

  • utilize teamwork, trouble-shooting, and problem-solving rather than fighting

  • support both parties with the emotional aspects of negotiations

  • assist parents with child related concerns that may arise throughout the process such as custody and visitation

No one should have to walk alone.  

Behavioral Health Consultations for Civil Litigations

  • Behavioral Health Psychological Assessments identifying the client’s strengths and weaknesses

  • Behavioral Health Depositions

  • Behavioral Health Diagnosing

  • Behavioral Health supporting evidence specific to the client's litigation

Behavioral Health Services for your family law and civil law cases. 

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